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What should I be careful about in Dubai?
I'm in Dubai
October 11, 2020
1 min

Are there traditions I should know?


The lawful drinking age for Dubai is 21 years of age yet purchasing and devouring liquor is just legitimate at authorized bars and clubs at significant lodgings - and just for inn visitors and non-Muslim inhabitants with official alcohol licenses. It is unlawful for non-Muslims to sell or offer liquor to Muslims. Public inebriation - regardless of where the drinking happens - is likewise viewed as an intense offense. Voyagers ought to allude to the movement exhortation gave by their administration prior to visiting the UAE.


The UAE is a generally Muslim nation with severe guidelines of dress and conduct. Dress humbly and guarantee your shoulders and knees are covered. It is likewise prescribed to explore clothing standards for vacation spots, shopping centers, sea shores and other public spots - which can regularly be found on their official sites.


The sacred month of Ramadan is a period of fasting, petition, reflection for Muslims, so it is essential to regard the strict and social traditions right now. During Ramadan, it’s illicit to eat, drink or smoke openly among dawn and nightfall. The dates of Ramadan change every year, as it is praised in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar schedule, which is marginally extraordinary to the standard Gregorian schedule.

Public showcases of fondness

You can be captured for close open presentations of warmth, including embracing and kissing.

Sharing lodgings

It is illegal for individuals of the other gender to live respectively, or to have a similar lodging, on the off chance that they aren’t hitched or firmly related. True connections and common associations additionally aren’t perceived in the UAE. This law is frequently loose for vacationers, notwithstanding, you might be approached to demonstrate you’re legitimately hitched while looking into an inn as a team. Explorers ought to do investigate, contact their lodging and check their administration’s movement exhortation prior to visiting the UAE.


It is unlawful to photo individuals without their assent, air terminals and other vehicle foundation, government structures, a few sea shores, and castles. Voyagers ought to do their own examination and know about signs which show where photography is denied.

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I'm in Dubai


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