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Top 10 Elite Restaurants in Dubai
Areeba Ali Khan
December 10, 2020
5 min

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Ifwe talk about food, Dubai comes at the top for serving almost every other kind of foreign cuisine available around the globe. Starting from their own original Arabian delights, Dubai’s food chain extends to Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Pakistani and much more. Alongside serving these arrays of cuisines, their fine dining experience is just exemplary that will attract you to utmost extent. With diversity, Dubai is undoubtedly a delicious destination.
Now let’s get you acquainted with the TOP TEN restaurants of Dubai!

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1. Coya

Coya offers a Latin American Cuisine, and it is widely considered as one the best restaurants of Dubai. Their Peruvian dishes have strong inspirations from Japan, China and Spain; a cuisine exploding with exotic flavours. Coya’s menu features everything from luscious sushis to grill, cerviches tossed in rich citrus sauces. Their most popular dish is known to be the Arroz Nikkei; a duet of Chilean sea bass with rice, lime and some chillies. Lastly, their vibrant decor surely stands out and makes it a perfect place for formal and fine-dining.

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2. Carine

Next in line is the famous Carine located in Emirate Golf Club. One of the exciting facts about Carine is that it is named after Chef’s Izu Ani’s wife (utterly romantic). Purity is the primary theme of their entire menu; their food choice is pure and simple. They offer spongiest baked breads with rich apricot jam, evenly grilled and roasted meat and fish, burrata topped with fresh papers and the list goes on. Furthermore, the interior is kept quite ravishing with whitewashed walls, modestly tiled floors and minimal decor to make it eye-catching. Another affectionate feature of Carine is that they have a marvellous terrace offering a peaceful view of the greenery around. So one can order a cosy winter lunch at Carines’ having their perfect salt baked sea bass with grilled octopus salad (star-dish) or even a simple slice of cake and thoroughly enjoy!

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3. Thiptara

Next up is the famous Thiptara situated in Palace Downtown Dubai. If we talk about Thiptara’s primary details, the first thing that pops in our head is it’s rare and beautiful name (meaning “Magic of the Water”) and with that a splendid view of the Dubai fountain around. Since it talks about the Magic of the Water, it serves Thai with the addition of Bangkok style seafood. This aim’s to promote Thai culinary culture so they offer light but flavour rich food. Their menu has a range of dishes starting from yummiest dim sums, salads and extends to sautéed meat and seafood that can thrill your taste buds any time. So if you want to enjoy the best Thai in Dubai with a view, you should probably visit this place!

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4. Al Hadheerah

If you are looking to fly to the land of Arabian delights in Dubai then Al Hadheerah restaurant is the correct place for you. It is built inside Bab Al Shams Resort and Spa and is classified as a complete Arabian destination. With the authentic Arabian ambiance, the food served at Al Hadheerah is also Middle Eastern. The menu comprises of a rich Arabian buffet with more than 10 live cooking stations. This enables the customers to explore the Arabian recipes and their savoury flavour at the same time. Last and important, the traditional Arabian theme and decor makes it culturally rich experience so Al Hadheerah isn’t just about food, its an entire experience!

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5. Nobu

Located at the Atlantis Hotel Dubai, Nobu servesa Japanese style cuisine fused with some Arabian influences. The Nobu’s menu is quite luxurious and exquisite since celebrities like Kim Kardashian and David Beckham have also paid here a visit. It’s star dishes are a roasted black cod served with a sweet miso sauce, Moroccon shrimp tangine, sea bass with dashi ponzu and much more. Another trendy feature of Nobu is that they have an exciting sushi bar to compliment their starry menu. Last but not the least, the surroundings are very stylish that gives you an ideal ambience for intimate and fine dining.

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6. Table 9

Table 9 is located at the Hilton Dubai Creek and is famously known for having an uncommon menu. This is because they have hired an array of talented chefs to showcase their unique techniques in the world of culinary and thus each of them individually assists to bring about high class recipes.

Their world class famous dish is modern bistro perfect for a warm Sunday brunch is introduced by Gordon Ramsay’s trained chefs Nick Alvis and Scott Price. Table 9’s other food options are king crab ravioli, savoury mushroom carpaccio, yummy portobello and a lot more. To sum this up, Table 9 gives a flavour rich food experience with the best quality of service.

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7. Pierchic

Next in line is the popular Pierchic restaurant located at the Arabian Gulf in Dubai. This restaurant was also featured in Time Out Dubai for serving one of the best seafood in the city. Alongside serving seafood it is also considered as one of the most romantic destination since it offers views of the azure gulf and the sea. The ambience is quiet and intimate and it has options for having an over the water table to sip your cocktails or to fine dine. So if you want an alfresco meal in a quiet and intimate environment in Dubai, Pierchic is the place for you!

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8. Buddha Bar

Situated in the Grosvenor House hotel, Buddha Bar is widely accepted for offering one of the best venues for dining in Dubai. The setting of the Buddha Bar is kept extremely grand, with lavish decor of the restaurant and an outdoor lounge opening up to the mesmerising Arabian Sea. Alongside for having an extravagant ambience, the food served at Buddha Bar is also a great fusion of Thai and Chinese. So if you’re in Dubai, this place is definitely hard to resist!

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9. Zuma Dubai

Zuma offers the classical Japanese Cuisine in a luxurious style. The inner beauty of Zuma relies in their culinary artistry for giving Japanese dishes a push of bold and intense flavour that makes you drool over their food. The interior of Zuma restaurant is also kept in high regard since it showcases the traditional Japanese culture. Another interesting factor about their restaurant is that they avoid fancy presentation of food. The ingredients used in food are of high quality and full of flavours that they keep the presentation minimal and very traditional. Thus, they strongly follow their izakaya style of dining, simple and elegant serving of food.

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10. La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison is beautifully set up in Dubai International Financial Centre. This famous French restaurant’s cooking inspiration comes from the old Genoese style dishes. The taste of their dishes is quite light and healthy as it brings the French culinary style of serving fish and meat with fresh pastas and salads. Alongside serving French food, the environment is very natural and appealing to the eye. Whitewashed walls, white table cloths and colourful food on the table are exactly what La Petite Maison is all about!

So now we know one can never get bored in Dubai especially when it comes to savouring your taste buds. Dining in Dubai is exceptional for food lovers and if it is done correctly, it can make you explore and enjoy Dubai to the fullest!

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Areeba Ali Khan


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